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QUESTION: How do you handle simultaneous submissions to magazines?  Do you send a query letter to multiple places with just a slightly different slant on the same topic?   Also, for the places that accept an article written ahead of time, do you send it to just one place?  If you send it to more than one place, what happens if one place wants the article; will they not accept it if they find out it was sent elsewhere too?  Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Patty,

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Although there is no "hard" rule on how to handle multiple submissions, I can tell you from practice that I angle query letters to suit the "specific" magazine I'm trying to get a piece published in. I've found angling cover letters to be very important (whether you're writing, looking for a job, etc.) Editors and publishers want to know that you are familiar with their magazine, their writer's guidelines, etc.

When it comes to submitting articles, you could submit the same article to several different magazines. If you sell a piece to one magazine and another editor expresses interest in the article, let that editor know you can create (or already have) another similar article you can submit asap. It could be a way to build your clientele. Or you could ask other editors to contact you when they have other assignments they need filled.

It's your style, tone, voice and personality that may help you sell a lot of pieces. Therefore, if an editor likes your work (even if you sell it elsewhere sooner), that's a clear indication that the editor is pleased with your skill. Capitalize on that, by offering to write other pieces for that editor.

Cheers and Happy Writing!

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QUESTION: Thanks very much.  I have one more concern.  If an author writes an article that has statistics or info. from another source, where does the author footnote that in an article?  Rarely do I see articles with references despite facts being mentioned.  Thanks

Hi Patty,

Different editors want references noted in different ways. Some editors want writers to mention an article, etc. they use in a piece inside the body of the piece (i.e. According to Forbes January 2, 2012 "ABC" article,  . . .)

Other editors want writers to footnote references in MLA, AP, etc. style at the bottom of the piece. You can ask editors to let you know how they want references noted, or you could follow MLA, etc. style on your own and submit the piece.  But, again, it's the quality, tone, style, voice, personality, etc. you incorporate in your pieces that will likely catch an editor's eye the most.


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