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I am a technical editor of online academic materials - I know there are rules in writing! I am also a writer published in magazines, a local weekly paper & online (years ago), also self-published (currently).

A while back, I offered to write a kids' book for a nonprofit organization. They were delighted, and I was excited! I have now written almost the entire text (including the main part of the text, table of contents, foreword, glossary, word games, etc.) and realized that despite all my "experience" I do not know how to prepare a book-length manuscript for publication. How do I format it? Do I do it in Word? using my CS5 software? using some particular font - Courier New or Times New Roman)? underlining or using italics for emphasis, etc., etc.? I am surprised to be so clueless....but I am not sure where to begin... unfortunately, the organization is unlikley to have specific guidelines as what I am doing is something of a first for them.

I appreciate any help, advice or direction you can offer!
Thank you!

Hi Sally,

Congratulations on writing a book!

I've attached guidelines you can reference as you format your manuscript. Most book manuscripts are created in Word, Times New Roman font and 12 points. I'd steer clear of underlining and italics unless the firm you're creating the book for comes back and request that particular formatting.


By the way, if you're writing a book for print, these guidelines are great. Ebooks require a different formatting, which you can get from places like Smashwords.

All the best!

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