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Hello!   In my book I use several quotes, some I know who said them, some I don't.  Should I omit the ones I don't?  And the ones I do,  I think it would be fair to give them some of the profits. Your thoughts, please.  Thank you, Jackie Power

Hi Jackie,

Congratulations on writing your book!  

If you don't know who made a quote, you could list the quote as "Unknown". I've never heard of someone paying someone for including their quote in a book. If you want to pay someone you quote a portion of the profits from your book, I'd contact an attorney first as you could end up being responsible for reporting the numbers of books sold, cost of each book sold, date books were sold on, etc.

Personally, I think it could open up more questions and reporting on your part than you might want.

Below is a link offering guidance on including quotes in textbooks:

All the best!

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