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Hi Jamie,

I am finishing up my first volume of a children's picture ebook.  My question is about the length of time between volumes.  What would you say is a decent amount of time to take between volumes (or issues).  I imagine the beginning of a run is a very  time.  I don't want to wait too long and make possible followers lose interest.  Hope you can help.


Hi Anthony,

It depends on the publishing house and the grade level of the book, as well as the size of the audience. Your editor will tell you what he wants. After the first book is put on the market and, depending on how well it markets, your editor will assign you a deadline for the second volume. It is usually at least six months, and more commonly between one and three years. It takes several months just for the publisher to get the book on the market. This is something you will need to discuss with your editor. He will let you know! Good luck!


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