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Hi. I am writing a book that is non-fiction and about elemental people. I call them Elementals and they are practically people with the ability to use the four elements, to say simply. I don't have a direct question because I kind of need help with the whole thing.. I have wrote short stories in the past but they weren't ever serious books and just lately I have wanted to get a book published. I am still young, younger than a lot of famous authors, but I want to get a book published and this is the idea I chose. So I guess what I am asking your help for is just writing advice for my book. I know I'm not good at keeping things short and I can't ask a good question but please help me.
-A young author in desperate need of help-

Hello Aislin:

Thank you for writing! Here are a few pieces of advice for this book and any other books or stories you may want to write:

1. Stay in school and take all the English and composition classes you can. Pay attention and learn all you can about how good writing is done.

2. Become well known at your school and local library. Investigate the shelves in the 818 section and take home books of writing advice and study them (if I were to provide you with this information it would cost you plenty and take a long time). Follow the instructions in these books and do all the exercises included.

3. Read. Read the kinds of books you would like to write and others, too. Try to analyze how your favorite authors get the effects they do. What makes Stephen King's books so scary? Do you sympathize with Katniss in her plight as she runs through the forest? If you feel love or fear or anger while reading, try to figure out how the author caused these reactions in you, and why it worked so well.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is, and it is only the beginning. All writers learn by this process -- it is the only way to learn. Be diligent, work hard, and one day you may well see your book on the bestseller lists.

I hope this has helped. If it has, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my high scores over 900+ questions.

Good luck, and thank you for writing!  

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