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I am almost done with my novel and in the doubtful process on wondering whether my novel would breakthrough the "getting-it-publish" phase. My main concern for now is the targeted age range. When I initially wrote my novel, I had in mind that my target readers would be of teenagers only because of the the type of science-fiction superheroes story and simplistic writing style, which I assume appeals to the younger audience.

However, I should note that all of the characters are in fact not teenagers and adults at the age range 20 and above. That could possibly stem from a passive instinct of mine. When I was a teenager, I enjoy reading YA novels but the thing that bugs me most is that the characters are teenagers. I know is rather ironic that I prefer YA book that doesn't consist of YA protagonist. Is just that whether in books or films or TV series, I never really like the idea of practically kids saving the world or be part of some anti-evil organization and etc etc. It just never resonates to me as something practical and to me that the minimum age for some YA to defeat the villain all by him/herself should at least be 18 but I do prefer the story style and length of YA novel more than any ordinary novels.

My dilemma is the word count. I have read online that for a younger audience I should have a lower word count and vice versa for older readers. I believe my story would resonate with the younger audiences even though the characters are all of legally adult age. And entertaining the assumption that if I do get my novel published, as a Marketing degree holder, I believe that sales would be better if it is in the YA shelves rather than any other departments.Then there is the question on whether will editors and publisher accept this form of YA novel.

Hope to hear your opinion on this matter and thank you very much.

I am confused as to your question.

My opinion?

On what?

The genre?

If it's science fiction, then it will be in the science fiction isles, however, it can also be placed in the young adult isles as well.

Cross marketing is common place and actually, good for exposure and sales.

Note: There is no such thing as "breakthrough the getting publishing stage" unless you pay to print and publish yourself.

Good luck.

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