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Hello Jannie,

I hope you're doing O.K ...

I have a simple question , if you please, provide me with an adequate answer ...

I have written a scientific book about dream interpretation to teach people how to do it themselves ... the book is not psychological, however I discuss the subject through a religious, human and logical method ... the book addresses everyone, and is not directed to a specific group.

I need to know who are the best publishers enthusiastic for such a kind of book ... or at least from where can I start in order to know and reach them ... knowing that I want to publish the book mainly in the U.S or Canada, or the U.K as a third choice ... I am not residing now in both countries.

Thank you


It's a matter of a simple search on the internet for publishers that take that genre.

I cannot research that for you as I do not want to be liable for missing one that could be beneficial to you.

No matter where you reside, publishing can be done via email, mail, and telephone. You don't have to live where the publisher or literary agent lives, so you are not limited.

If you want the U.S. and Canada, then do a search for publishers in the U.S. and Canada that accept the genre the dream interpretation falls into. Probably "self-help" books.

So, the answer is begin your search on the internet in the areas you are seeking, but I will tell you, most traditional publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts and most require a literary agent to represent the author.

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