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I recently had some feedback from a couple of people regarding the book I wrote and am looking for an answer to my question. Both had said that the beginning was a little confusing because they couldn't keep up with the characters I used. Too many characters named and I was wondering how you would go about changing this when most of the characters used are important to the storyline further on. I realize there are a couple I can just refer to without naming but am not really sure how little I should be naming. I hope you understand what I mean.
There are around 8 characters in all that are of importance that come into the story quite a bit. Hope you can help and thank you in advance.

You have to name characters that are in the plot. There's no getting around that. You do not have to name people they meet and interact with; such as, clerks, neighbors, people on the street, etc.

Maybe your have too many characters. Most stories and plots have tow to three main characters and all else are just interaction people that aren't relevant.

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