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Dear Cathy‎

Among different categories of Novel / Stories / Books  i.e. Fiction written by Authors, Which category do you feel the Most difficult to write and which category could be the most easy to write with reasons ?.



Do you feel Great Authors / Writers should be able to write
any Fiction Book/ Novel / Story ?.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar


Although I suspect this might be a homework question (which we're not supposed to answer) , I'm going to answer because it might help other people too.  

I have written most of these categories at one time or another. By far the most difficult would be romance---specifically subgenre romance. This is because all subgenres other than contemporary (set in the here and now, with no other elements such as historical, suspense, paranormal, western, etc.) must be a "braided plot" where the internal conflict between the parties must flow at the same pace as the external conflicts that make the novel part of the subgenre. So in a romantic suspense, the people must realistically grow emotionally closer together to fall in love over the course of a plot where a killer hunting is them. This is a challenge to aspiring authors that takes time and practice to accomplish seamlessly.

As for whether great writers can write anything, sort of yes and sort of no. Let me tell you a little story. It was part of an interview that the horror novelist Stephen King gave years ago. I'm paraphrasing here, but the gist of the interview section went like this:

Interviewer: Why do you write about such scary stuff?

King: Because I can't not.

Interviewer: What do you mean?

King: Okay, let me give you an example. Let's say you took me, Danielle Steele, Agatha Christie and Louis L'Amour out to a desolate place. The only thing for miles around was a small pond and a large shade tree. We were instructed to write a story with three named characters, two men and a woman, with specific personalities and the pond and tree as the setting. Danielle Steele would likely write about a love triangle and the drama of the jilted husband discovering a tryst next to the pond. Agatha Christie's story would have one person dead, one detective and the guilty party being questioned. Louis L'Amour's tale would be about a poisoned water hole that was killing the cattle that the woman inherited from her aging father. And my story? Well, it would be about something ancient and evil that lives at the bottom of the pond, who has already eaten the lovers, the detective, and is about to eat the rancher. It's how my mind works. I can't not.

So, one idea...four distinct and viable stories.  Could King write the romance, or the mystery, or the western? Probably, yes. But it would be a much bigger challenge because it isn't his normal mindset.

Does that help?


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