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Dear Nori‎

Among different categories of Novel / Stories / Books  i.e. Fiction written by Authors, Which category do you feel the Most difficult to write and which category could be the most easy to write with reasons ?.



Do you feel Great Authors / Writers should be able to write
any Fiction Book/ Novel / Story ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,
Thank you for your question. Great authors usually become great in one or another genre. The genres are considered easier than trying to write a mainstream novel. The most difficult is a mainstream novel, because it requires a more complex plot, along with more developed sub-plots. Writing a mainstream novel takes a lot of practice, so writers often start out in a genre. Genre fiction is good practice for eventually writing a mainstream novel.
Genre fiction works on a formula. For example, mystery always begins with a murder and a group of suspects. The end of the story is when the protagonist solves the mystery, and any other sub-plots are concluded.
An author may be attracted to writing a particular genre and become good at it, but shifting to another genre might be a struggle.
An author may choose a particular genre based on their own interest. Like, if you have ready every novel you can get your hands on from a particular genre, that would be the natural place to start.
Comedy - writing comedy takes training and skill to know what makes something funny
Romance - must follow a formula, there are many sub-categories of this genre
Tragedy - this is not a genre, it is a Greek word to describe one of the forms of mainstream story telling
Horror - a genre that follows a formula
Suspense - another genre, many subcategories
Thriller - another name for suspense or horror
Please write back if you want to discuss further,

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