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QUESTION: Dear Johnathan‎

Among different categories of Novel / Stories / Books  i.e. Fiction written by Authors, Which category do you feel the Most difficult to write and which category could be the most easy to write with reasons ?.



Do you feel Great Authors / Writers should be able to write
any Fiction Book/ Novel / Story ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hi Prashant,

This question will be different for everyone, but I will try to give some general advice.

First, some good advice that I was given when I was starting out: go with what you know. If you have a favorite genre, or an area that you are particularly knowledgeable about, start there.

Horror/Suspense/Thriller can be challenging genres for some people because it takes a certain level of skill and know-how to write something that is suspenseful using words alone. But, it certainly can be done, especially with practice. If this is your preference, give a try!

Romance and Comedy can both be challenging because there's an inherent intelligence that people must have to do these well. For example, people either are funny, or they aren't. You can't really teach someone how to be funny. Someone who's not funny is not likely to write a very good comedy. In the same light, the same can be said for being romantic. Although it can be argued that you can teach people to be romantic, the resulting story usually comes out feeling fake.

Tragedy can be challenging because you have to capture the audience's emotion and empathy with your words. It helps if you've gone through some tragedy of your own to understand how to relate that to the audience in a way that will make them get it.

Two that are not on your list are Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Science Fiction is generally considered to be harder because it takes a lot of research to know what is scientifically possible, plausible, and likely. If you write bad science, you'll have a bad sci-fi book. Fantasy gets away from that trap because things are "magical" and they just work, but it can be overused.

In all cases, don't worry about trying to write a new story; every story that could ever be told has already been told. Your story doesn't have to be unique, it just has to be told well. A classic case in point; there's a story about a military man who is no longer in the military, but he's recruited to go fight some savages, ends up being captured, and then learns to love those savages and ends up fighting alongside them against his own government. What story is this? It's Dances with Wolves. ...and it's also  The Last Samurai. ....and it's also Avatar. A good story can take place in any setting, past, present, or future.

I hope that helps.
Kind Regards,

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QUESTION: Dear Johnathan

Thank you.

Do you feel Great Authors / Writers should be able to write
any Fiction Category Book/ Novel / Story ?.

Example could be of William Shakespeare.‎

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

In many ways authors are like actors. There are certain authors, like Shakespeare, who can write anything. Certain actors are the same way. In my opinion this takes a much broader range of skills. However, there are many successful "niche" authors who only write one type of book. Stephen King, for example, is very famous in the United States and only writes Horror. Ray Bradbury only wrote Sci-Fi. Tom Clany only wrote political thrillers. You can be highly successful just by focusing on one specific specialty.  

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