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Dear Nori,

I wrote you earlier this year, back in May 2015 to be precise. Since then, my book is already published, and is now being marketed via Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble (I did not yet see it as a Nook), etc.. On my website, I have indicated where visitors can find the book via links with Lulu (the Publisher); however, I have not indicated where they can find it concerning the other merchants, because Lulu would pay me the most money. If I put the others, people may go there instead, and that would deprive me of the majority of the earnings (although, I did tweet out that information). The other merchants take a high cut from the proceeds for printing, etc.. My question? Am I doing the right thing? Should I only leave Lulu on the website to receive most of the income? People can find the book in other places as they seek those places out I figure. I will await your reply. Thank you.


Dear William,
Congratulations! That's great.
My only suggestion is to post it also on Amazon Kindle.
Amazon Kindle has 80% of the e-book market, and they will pay you at a lower threshold. I think they'll send whatever the book makes with an approximate 60 day lag. (A book sells in November, you get paid in January.)
If you still own the worldwide rights, you can make 70/30 split on book sales.
If your publisher owns the rights, you will need to rely on them to put the book up at Amazon Kindle.
For example, I have one book owned by a publisher, and had to remind and lobby them all through 2013 to make it a Kindle. In 2012 I had signed a contract with them to make it an e-book, but their software situation wasn't ready. They promised to make my book a top priority once they got the right software.
Then they did publish it on Kindle in 2014.
The rest of my books, I own all the rights. I opened my own Amazon Kindle account and posted the books myself. Now when one sells, I get 70%. In other words, I sell my books for $3, and I get $2 for each sale.
Each month, Kindle deposits my royalties directly into my bank account.
Write back if you want to discuss further.

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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