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Dear Mr.McCutcheon,
My writing of this upcoming book was complied in diary format. Since refining it, my husband and I are thinking of coauthoring since much of the content is about his experiences regarding our shipwreck that we have been recovering since 1987; some information goes further back in time. The problem I am facing is which voice to write in. It started out in my voice having interviewed my husband and continuing when I married him forward. Ideally I would like to have the first few chapters in my husbands first person voice giving all first hand accounts of the events as they happened in the early years, followed by a third person voice in a chapter telling the story of who he is, then a chapter where the story is told by myself, where I get involved and all the events that followed in our married-to-the-shipwreck life. Or... should I strictly write in first or third person? Kind regards,Yvonne

Hi Yvonne,
Sorry about my delay in writing but I am travelling in areas without internet!

My suggestion is that you write in third person. That allows you to quote both yourself and your husband. It also means the reader has a constant voice which is preferable. It sounds fascinating.

All the best,


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