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QUESTION: Wife is Writing a book publishing by westbow publishers. Paid about 2 k already, they want to line edit,  another 2 k, and developmental edit 5 k. This is a christian novel, not usually your Hollywood material. They say that it is a really good book, and they have a vested interest. Is it worth it? Publishing the book the way it is, v/s all the editing. Does it sell better? Would it be lots better? Will anyone know that they actually changed the pov , some sentences , etc? Will anyone care?

ANSWER: Hi Robert,
Sorry about the delay in my response, but I decided to research this kind of "publishing".  
My advice is to stop working with this company. Certainly do not pay them for editing. That is a pure scam!

Publishers should pay YOU an advance. This advance is against future sales. The advance acts as an incentive for the publisher to promote the book. Once the advance is paid off, YOU receive royalties. Once a publisher has accepted your book and paid you the advance, it is their job to do the editing (with consultation) and to prepare the design etc.

You seem to be involved with a totally unethical group of people who in all probability will not promote and distribute your book in the normal manner.
I would advise you to find an agent to take your book to REAL publishers. You don't pay the agent upfront. They receive a percentage of sales only.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but I am disturbed that some people would feed off authors in this way.

All the best with your book



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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your response I am not sure about your answer. This is a self published book and nobody is paying us to publish this book. I guess my question was that they say that it needs different types of editing which are much more costly and I guess I was wondering is it worth putting $7000 into a self published book,
It would be wonderful if an actual company would pay to have this book published but I don't believe it will happen.
So knowing that information would you still run and hide from this company or would you just publish it the way it is or pay for extra editing?

I think that at this stage you best publish as it is. There is very little chance of a book returning your investment unless you have very good publicity and distribution organised.  The most important thing is that you are happy with the manuscript.  

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