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Hello Ms. Rand,

   When I'm writing dialog and the character is interrupted mid thought, how do I write this?

I.e., Blue's grandfather patted his leg and gestured for his grandson to continue.  
   "Okay, so we rappelled down the hill until we got to the cave entrance and,"
   "What do you mean you rappelled?"
   "The cave is located in the middle of a steep hill, so there was no other way to get there."

What do I do?  Use a comma or a dash or maybe an elipsis?  What is the standard rule of thumb when dealing with dialog that is interrupted by another character?

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the Best,

J. D. Lowes

Hello J.D.:

Most authors use a dash, but you, of course are free to use whatever you like. I remember the first time I read Alan Paton's Cry The Beloved Country, I was astonished that he didn't use quotation marks, but prefaced speech with a dash:

--But I heard she took it from him as she left.
--That's just not true.

If Paton can do it, you can do it. Use whatever feels right. If the speaker has paused, giving the other a perfect opportunity to leap in, you might use ellipses.

I hope that helps. A nice rating would be appreciated.

And thanks for writing!

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