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I came across your advice to a person named 'Lyn'  in my search
for a structure to edit my novel (thus the heading for this email)
and was hoping that you might send me the MS Word
attachment of your "Lesson plan for structuring a novel from
step one to the final proof and edit" that you talked about in
your reply to her.  I'd really appreciate it.  

Or maybe that's already what I'm reading on your website?  
Hmmm...  If it is, I can't seem to get back to Lesson 1 and 2, we
are on 3 right now... I am enjoying the website, LOVE THE
ALLIGATOR ANALOGY!  I believe that's exactly where i am right
now with my book.  I look forward to a new pair of shoes!


Hello, Lindsay!

Email me direct from the website (my address is on almost every page).  Remind me that you came from All Experts and are after the POWER OF THE WORD lecture series.  I will send it to you as an MS Word manuscript attachment.  Yes, it's free.

Best of luck,
Youngbear Roth

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