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I have an idea for a story but i'm not sure where to start. Its sort of a Sci-fi/modern era type of story. Was just wondering if you could give me a few pointers or direct me to a good website for resources.

Very Respectfully,
Garret M DuPont

Hello, Garret!

Severe eye strain, so, I am going to keep this short, and thanks for your understanding.

Here's the order of events for writing a fiction piece of work:

1. Write your story concept in a single paragraph of no more than four lines.

2. Write your "action only" outline.  This is an outline of your plot.  (If the story is what happens, the plot is how it happens.)  The outline can be a series of numbered cards, each containing one or two sentences of action only.

3. Expand your story concept and action only outline into a "working treatment."  I may have a working treatment sample up on my group's web site at this time.  Check and mouse over to the class page(s).

4. Do your character studies for each main character.

5. You may wish to pause here and do your research work.

6. Using all of the above you are ready to dig in and write your first draft!

If you try me again in ten days or so, I may be able to give a more detailed answer - too much pain at the moment.

My best,
Youngbear Roth, Executive Editor
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