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I have begun a murder mystery.  So far I have only 8000 words, and it is going slowly!  How many words does an average novel have? - just ball-park would be fine.  Also, how many pages/ words should I try to write each day?  Does it take a year to write an entire book?

Thank you for your reply!

Hi Diane!
  That's great that you have THAT many words written already! Don't worry how long it should take. My first book took only 11 months to write (and revise many times), but my second one that I'm currently sending out took over two years. There are authors who take even five years to say, "Okay, it's done."
  As for pacing yourself, try to sit down for one or two hours each day to work on the manuscript, whether it's rereading and revising, or continuing the story. I find that if I write something totally different from where I thought the story was going, it comes out great. But that's me. Others like to make outlines and stick to it. I can't. Every writer has a different way of approaching their work.
   If your book is targeted at young adults, then 30,000-45,000 words is good.  If it's for adults, then anywhere from 50,000 words to 80,000 words is good.
   If you wish more writing tips, you can go to my web site at  
which also has links to other writer's sites.
    My best to you and your mystery story!

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