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Dear Mr. Campbell,

I am about to complete a novel. I have written it in Microsoft Word. What format should I use for the finished product? Should I double space it? What font should I use? Lastly, should I begin a new chapter on a new page leaving space between it and the prior chapter?

Thanks for your help.
Dave Irwin

Good for you self publishing is growing and I want you to consider printing 100-500 on the first printing.  Microsoft word is fine your cover needs to be in Quark, Corel, Photoshop both files can be sent PDF your fonts should be in the 11-12 pt range single spaced.  And with regard to the chapters some folks start all chapters on the right hand page and some start their chapters on the next full page.  Sign up for Dan Poynters newsletter for great info it is at  If I can be of further assistance let me know.

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