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I've just published two political thrillers (a third will be out in '07).  I live in the U.S.  Anyway, I'll be doing my first book presentation at an independent bookstore in a few weeks time.  I've attended quite a number of such events over the years.  What I'd like to ask you, however, is whether you structure your oral presentations in a specific way that you find effective, or whether you more or less wing it or taylor it to your audience.  

I'll have 20-30 minutes to talk and read from my two books, then answer questions and do signings.  Any tips you can provide me would be most welcome.  Thanks.

Hi Jim,
Happy New Year!  Over the last ten years I have done hundreds of these presentations and been a guest at hundreds more. It is very clear that the readings work best as short and sharp. I limit myself to no more than three paragraphs. I always talk first and read last. Although, if you have two books, a reading to start and end with a reading.

What works best is the author talking from the heart. Prepared, read scripts work very badly unless the author is a superb actor!  What people want is connection. Keep it short, humble and make eye contact. Always leave them wanting more.

All the best.


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