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Hi Nori,

Please accept my thanks for your willingness and sincerity to spare your worthy time to answer questions of aspirant future-writers like me!

What are the costs involved for publishing, printing, critiques or alike, marketing, and for anything else that I am not yet aware of after I am done writing scripts of my book with about 300 pages?

Is priniting cost to do more with number of pages or with something else too?



Dear Bhim,
Thank you for your question. I encourage you to write and publish your book. There are several options for publishing. First, there is the possibility of finding a publisher who will buy the work, publish, and distribute it for you. This is the most difficult process, but at my web site I have posted an article called, "How to Find a Publisher," which describes the process. See:
Please consider this option, since you don't have to spend any money at all. In fact, they pay you to use your manuscript. You will still have expenses for promoting the book, such as travel expenses, building a web site, or anything else you do to promote it. Also note that the publisher keeps most of the money, with most contracts giving the author 5 - 15% of the cover price. This is standard and the hope of making money is in the quantity of books you can sell.
Also, having a publisher adds credibility to the book.
The next option is to publish the book on line. There are several companies, such as that will set your book up and make copies available "on demand." That means, when someone orders a book, they print  and ship it. They keep a small percentage of the cost and forward the remaining money to you. You keep a larger percentage of the cover price. There is a set-up fee of several hundred dollars, plus you have all the responsibility of promoting and selling the book.
The final option is traditional self-publishing. You submit your manuscript to the printer, they print 1,000 to 5,000 copies and give them to you. This costs approximately $1 - 5 per book. You put the cartons of books in your garage and try to sell them and make your money back. This option is the most expensive and the most risky, since many self-published authors end up giving many books away free. Usually the books are harder to sell than you thought and they end up permanently stationed in your garage until the end of time.
Self publishing is best if you have a ready-made audience. For example, a teacher may publish a text book and sell copies to students. A famous businessman might publish a book knowing that many clients and employees will buy copies, etc.
Check out the materials at my web site and then feel free to write back again if you want to discuss further.

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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