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I have finished my book about relationships between lovers, mother and daughter, for food eg. too much food, fat   stuff like that. But I cant think of a title. I'm not asking for a title  jsut  where cud i get the title from. I cant seem to find any ideas that sound good enough. It has to sound sophisicated.

Well when you are trying to find a title for a book you need to look at:

The story: for yours it is a love story so you have to realate it to the story of love you dont have to have the word 'love' in it. and you want it to tell the reader a bit about the book, for yours it could be something like  'love munches' which relates to the food bit. So the reader knows what they are reading.

It has to be an interesting title, so it catches the readers eye. A funny title usually helps, but you said you wanted a sophisticated one.

You want it to be sophisticated, well a good way to make it look clever is aliteration, two words with the same letter at the beggining, like 'Funny Frog' it doesnt have to be just those two words it could have a conective in it like 'Love for Life' etc.
Another good title style is a simile like: 'Food is like love' or something like that.
The final style I can think of is the title being a statement, like 'Cake is the best Love' or anything else you can think of.

The other thing you can think about when you are creating a title is your front cover. If you want there to be a picture on the cover then make the writer short so you can fit it in. If you want the title to be the main part of the cover then make it long the best example I can give is 'The curious incident of the dog in the night time.' You can make the title a sentence but make sure its not something boring and rambling like, 'One day sally went to the market to get some shoes'. If you want it to be a sentence title you might want to make it funny.

Well I hope that helps you, keep writing and tell me if there's any more problems!  

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