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I am now reaching the end of writing my non-fiction book (the book is a guide on how to make bigger and better tips). As I am preparing my book proposal, I have been told that the length of the work (16,000 words) is too short. This was a little frustrating as I have spent many hours trimming the text down, cutting the non-essentials, and re-wording sentences to make reading the book simpler and more direct. I feel I presented my message with this amount of words and that more verbiage detracts from the purpose of the book.

Is a publisher more likely to reject my proposal because it is of shorter length? Does it have a chance as it stands now?


Profit potential, rather than length, will be a publisher's primary concern.  Your proposal should focus on sales potential.  There doubtless are a great many people who work for minimum wage plus tips, but how many will pay what your book will cost?  

If you encounter resistance, you might consider self-publishing.  Take a look at www.1stbooks.com.  They have an excellent and, in my opinion, well-deserved reputation and a number of their books have been "picked up" by major publishers.

Good luck.

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