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Hi Nori,
I am a licensed acupuncturist having also completed my iridology certification. I should also finish with reflexology training in May of this year. I plan on opening a practice this Summer offering all three of the modalities mentioned above.
I desire to distribute two separate brochures; one for acupuncture & reflexology, & the other for iridology.
My question is (1)whether it would be more economical to hire someone professionally to create the content of the brochures, then printing them with my own computer, or (2)create the brochure's content myself and ask for help from persons like yourself or some type of editor to "proof read" or go over the material before printing. I think that I could publish the brochures with software such as M.S. Publisher or something similar.
Also, would you have any other suggestions on creating these brochures?
I would appreciate your opinion greatly!


Mike Eidson, LAc.

Dear Mike,
Thank you for your questions. Wow, I wish you lived around here. I could use an iridology reading. My first husband and I used to produce a newsletter for Harry Wolf, which was the international Iridology Review (can't remember the exact name). It was back in the late 1980s.. I also see an acupuncturist once a month. I think acupuncture is more effective than allopathic medicine and could tell you some great stories about how it has cured me of disease. I have been using acupuncture since about 1986.
Now back to your questions. I recommend that you write the brochures yourself and print them on your computer. Once you settle on a format, if you decide to print 50 or more, take the disk to your local printer and have them done professionally. That might save you money on ink cartridges.
On how to write it. A good way to start is to just throw out all your ideas on paper. In other words download all your thoughts onto paper. You might even get a large piece of paper and use the clustering method described in "Writing the Natural Way." (You can see this book at my page for writers -
When everything is out on paper, pick what you want to put in the brochures. Then you can start to edit it down. You want to stick within a certain number of words so the type can be fairly large and manageable. Don't make people get out their reading glasses to see the fine print. Also include some graphics, like a picture of you, a logo, or picture related to your practice (an iridology chart, a reflexology chart, a meridian chart, etc.).
The main things you want to include are what it is, why people should come to you, and your contact information.
After you write the copy, run it by an editor. I would volunteer in exchange for some iridology advice.
You can contact me through AllExperts or through my writers page.
I hope this helps,

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