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What is the best way to write a book when your time is not abundant.  I have a young child and may only get an hour or two here and there to concentrate on writing my book.  Once I have the ideas for a few pages or a chapter I have little trouble getting it down on paper. I need suggestions for getting my ideas down as they come to me, when I can't sit down at the computer.  

Also, where do I begin shopping my book to publishers?  How do I find the top publishers?  HELP!


Dear Rose,
Thank you for your question. Gee, I don't know how mothers with young children find time to do anything! So that's a good question.
I once had a writing teacher who said he knew about a word processor that was portable, inexpensive, and where you could find spare parts for it anywhere in the world: pen and paper. I took his words to heart and often use plain, old fashioned pen and paper to write. It's especially good for doing a first draft. there's something about the immediacy of the words and the paper with no machine involved . . . there's really nothing else like it.
re. publishing. You can start to look for a publisher anytime. Usually, once you have a first draft is a good time to start. It can keep you encouraged, especially if you get a "nice" rejection letter (anything better than a form letter is GOOD).
Don't let it discourage you. Some authors have files brimming with rejection letters. A rejection is just a signal to try again.
At my site I have posted an article called, "How to Find a Publisher." That outlines the basics of how it works.
If you want to discuss further after looking over the materials, feel free to write back again.

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