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Every time I sit down to write more of my story, I am always in a different mood. This, unfortunately, always seems to rub off onto my characters creating the effect of violent mood swings. Or giving them a totally different personality altogether.
Do have any tips on how I can prevent this

Have you tried to write on a less linear level? For instance, don't write from beginning to end. Rather, when you're in a bad mood, write a scene where one of your characters is in a bad mood, no matter where it is in the story. When you're in a good mood, write a scene where one or more characters is in a good mood. Then you can put each scene together like a puzzle once your finished.

Here's another tip to make sure you keep your narrator as omniscient as possible: are you a conservative or a liberal? Find an issue that is very important to you and write a short story from the other side's perspective without showing how you really feel. It'll teach you to keep your narrator's opinions to him/herself and make your story much more readable.

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