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Hi Max

I currently writing my first novel in which the main character is also the narrater of the story and I wondered if you had any hints or tips on how to deliver this effectively to the reader.  

Kind regards


Dear Giles:

You are writing your first novel in the what we call the 'First Person'.  This is the most intimate way to form an immediate connection with your reader, however, I do not feel that a first novel should be written in the first person because it is the most difficult of all fiction techniques to master; it takes quite a few years and a few thousand pages of writing to master this style.

Having said as much, if you insist on first person, I feel you should read as many first person novels as possible.  A good place to start are with authors Henry Miller and James Baldwin.  John Fante is another good one.  TROPIC OF CANCER and TROPIC OF CAPRICORN by Henry Miller are two of the most powerful autobiographical fiction novels ever written.  If you wish to get into something truly larger than life and a step into a different time try MOBY DICK by Herman Melville.  It is narrated by its main character, Ishmael.

You've set yourself a difficult task for a entry level novelist, so, my advice is to learn from the best.  Good luck!

Max Roth, Executive Editor
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