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Dear Dorothy,
I have a very unusual, the next "SpongeBob Squarepants" book which i think will go far.  However, this is my first.  I have sent query letters to some children's book agents in the NYC and will do the same with some big publishers.  The problem is I have a problem trusting them to send out all my work with manuscript and drawings which is what they ask.  I ask for a meeting but none would.  What is your advice?  What about copywright protection?  Them signing off a disclaimer?
You don't know how much i appreciate your answer,

Your best bet is to wait and see what happens, as agents and editors are inundated with work and are unable to respond as quickly as writers would like. That is why you have not received any responses for a meeting. They will call you when they are ready, so your only option at this point is to sit tight for awhile. If and when your work is accepted for publication, the publisher will take care of copyright issues.

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