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Hi Gail. Lately I've been thinking about what I want to do with my life, and I've settled on conservation biology. However, with about four years before I'm a legal adult, I still want to accomplish something that will benefit lions and the people who help them.

The idea I've come up with (that my mother was the first to suggest) for now is to write and illustrate a childrens' book about lions and their plight. The unique part of this endeavor is that I hope to donate every single last penny gained from the book to a group of people who are out in the field actively helping lions.

Do you have any advice about how I should write for children on such a potentially delicate topic, and, if you know, how I might go about proposing my idea to the group in question?


Hi Sonja--

While I am not a specialist in children's books, I will pass on my thoughts on how you might get started in general on this particular project.

Using the Internet, identify groups focused on lion related causes. Determine if part of their programs are aimed at educating children. Many groups do this routinely.

Suggest you then decide whether what you have in minde would add to a program already estabished, or, be better to help an organization build a program for children.

You might also research zoos to see if any have programs focussed on lions. Zoos always have educational programs. Your local zoo might be a good place to start; they might embrace the idea of partnering with a young person on a project like this. It's great PR for them.

Since by my calculations if you are four years away from adulthood you are a sophmore freshman in high school, look for ways to link this into your studies. As an example, my son just finished a short documentary about Habitat for Humanity for a school project--he is interested in both supporting Habitat for Humanity and a career in film making.

Note that publishing a book is not an inexpensive venture. I suggest you start simple and get your idea to a point where people can see it's potential, then look for an organization who is interested to pick up the tab for printing and publishing it in book form.

I hope that hleps!  

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