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Hello Nori,
I am about to embark on writing a childrens book.  I have several ideas on what to write about, and a very creative mind for the rest of the book.  :)
I have a question for you.  I recently came upon a home study course on learning about becoming a childrens book writer.  It is a long course that could take me up to two years to complete, depending on my progress and speed.  Do you think that that course would benefit me, or do you think it might waste my time?  I don't really know anything about book writing, but I sure do have the desire to write one and also my best friend would be writing with me.  I know there are many places online that I could go for help and info, but do you think that a correspondance course might help the negatives and questions that are facing me?  Thanks for any advice.  
Sue Bart

Dear Sue,
Thank you for your questions. Taking a course will teach you a great deal. Also, being involved in a situation with a teacher, homework, deadlines, your friend working on the same project, etc., can make a difference. I think when they say two years, it means you must complete it in two years or your enrollment will expire.
I once took the Writer's Digest Novel Writing Class, which was a home-study program. It helped me get started on writing a book. In fact, i finished the book soon after the course ended. I worked through the class in three months, i think.
If you are a self-motivated person who can work on your own with minimal supervision, then a home-study course may be just the thing for you.
However, if you think you'll need more motivation, then sign up for a regular writing class at a junior college or community center.
Either way, being involved in a structured program can help.
Whichever way you decide to go, i encourage you to write those stories you have been developing in your head. It's good for you and will be good for the children who read them.

P.S. I wrote my own Fiction Writing Workshop based on the Writer's Digest Novel Writing Workshop and posted it at my website:

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