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I am helping a friend get her book ready for publication and would like to know your thoughts on the general rules of citation. She is writing a book of inspiration and information on the birth process for expectant mothers. The book is one which included her own experiences as a nurse and mother, as well as some more technical medical information on the topic. She is an R.N. and has a lot of medical knowledge already, but is uncertain about how much she needs to cite her medical sources.  She is also using some general ideas from other authors who have written on labor, delivery, etc., and is building on a lot of those ideas.  Knowing you aren't a copyright attorney, can you help us with some general rules of thumb for her to follow in citing her sources as she completes her book?

These are stylistic issues that are governed by the publication style, e.g., AP, APA, etc., that is selected by the publisher.  An editor will be assigned after your friend has a publishing contract and that individual will provide necessary guidance.

Until then, she can use a style book of her choice or merely be consistent in usage.

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