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Dear Covenant Sig. Publishing,
In my spare time I have written about twenty or so short comedy pieces in the style of, say, Woody Allen.  I live in Ireland and am not really well-placed for Jewish-style humour publishing.   Since comedy pieces are subjective anyway, these could possibly be completely unfunny  ...   but they just might be good !  In your opinion where should I go from here ?

We cannot give advice on how you should proceed from here simply because the decision must be you own. Do you want to publish, yes or no? If it depends on whether others will think it funny or not is not a good answer. Publishing isn't about other people. It's about you.

If you decide to publish, then you must decide on full-service or independent. You could get burned either way, so be very careful who you decide to deal with.

We have an in-depth study guide coming out soon which explains book publishing from beginning to end- agents, copyrights, reviewers, marketing, etc. If you want a head start on who to deal with and who to steer clear of, plus information on how all of this works, then you may want to take a look at it. It was designed specifically for new writers.

Ashame you are too far away to attend our New Writer's Convention in March in Louisiana. We will also be giving free, individual marketing sessions there amongst a ton of other information.

Nonetheless, the study guide is a good place to start. Check back at our site in a couple of weeks as we are still expanding our company at this time.

Best wishes.

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