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     After seeing how good your advice was with the other people, I decided to come to you. I hope you will be able to answer my question.

I was writing a book a couple of years ago but I drifted of it and forgot bout it. A few days ago I found it again and I have decided to continue writing it. My problem is  that although I am really into the story now, how long will it be before I forget about it again? Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

Well what you have to do is make sure that you maintain the interest of the story and make lots of things happen in it so you dont get bored and when you let someone else read it, they dont get bored.

Try to get in a routine of writing and hour or more a day, I know some days you may find this difficult at first but you just need to get into the habbit of it and some days you may be busy, dont force yourself to do it or it will seem like a chore and frustrate you!

Try to think back to when you forgot about it and make sure you improve on what made you forget, maybe it was a big event in your life that made you push aside everything else, if so then write notes down about it in an obvious place so when that event has gone you will find it again.
sometimes it is OK to take a writing break but make sure it's not too long or you WILL forget about it!

If you cant think of what made you forget then just try to make yourself get really into the story. I find it helps to picture yourself as one of the characters, try to note down little things in your daily life that you could put into the story and try to put your own life experiances into the book, parents divorce, death, first day at school etc.

Thanks for writing and I hope this helps!

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