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Hi, i have started drafting a conspirational story about a popular and established society. I just want to know what key points can make it more realistic and any pointers for an amateur creative writer. Though, I am experienced in poetry, I have anxiety that people might hinder me in getting it published. It is a fact and fiction story relating the Society of Jesus as a cult and gets key events from the story of St. Ignatius and other christian events. (I am not an atheist, I just want people to think more.)


Yeah, it can be tough to get published when you're doing controversial stuff.  Unless you're already well-known, of course.  Then you can pretty much publish whatever you want.  So your anxiety is probably not unfounded.

As for "key points," I'm not sure what to say.  Without knowing more about your project, I couldn't even venture a guess.

I can say, though, that you should probably not refer to it as a mix of fact and fiction.  ALL fiction contains facts, but unless ALL of it is true, you're stuck with the "fiction" label.  My newest novel, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, is set a quarter century in the future... but it draws upon and refers to plenty of facts from present day and other periods of history.  I could tell people that lots of the stuff in there is "true," but ultimately, it's still a novel, still fiction.

And really, if you're only in the drafting stages, you should put all worries about publication out of your head.  If you're goal is to be a writer, your head needs to be on the writing aspect first and foremost.  Publishing this project is a long way off.  So don't even think about it, yet.

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