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Hi, I am a first time writer, and I have been writing on my book now for a few months, mostly character and world development.  I am trying to lay out the plot for the story, but I am having a hard time with it.  I know where I want to begin, and end, but I canít really nail down how to get everything in the middle laid out.  Are there any techniques or ideas that you have that help with the development of the story line process?

Right your question is one I sometimes have a problem with aswell. It is always difficult trying to make your interesting but not go to over the top with it. You need tothink about your ending, think about what happens in it then make a list of all the 'possible' things that 'could' happen, go through it and pick out all the things you will and may include, write them out and plan them and then try and see if you can fit them in, dont expect them all to work and for the ones which do work look at them, refine them but dont stop there try to think of other things you can take from those, like you did with the ending and repeat the process. You may find you have too many events so just make sure you only pick the ones which are important or interesting and not things the reader will get bored of.
Another thing you can do is create a sub-plot where you make a character in your story have another less important thing going on, it doesnt have to be super important but make it link in with the main plot. You could also have a character reveal a strange past or if it's a magical book then make one of them discover a special power etc.

I hope this is useful, good luck, and tell me if you have any problems or you didnt understand or didnt like my answer, if you want to post me a further message telling me a bit more about the book (you can make it a private letter) then I would be more than happy to help you.

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