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I am looking for someone that offers Critique services for 'would be' novelists. I am willing to pay a reasonalble fee for the assistance, but what I've found so far on-line doesn't look like what I need.

I am about to enter a competion for first time mystery novelists (Debut Dagger Competition, the submission is a first chapter up to 3000, and a 1000 word synopsis of the entire work). This was somewhat of a rush job as it only exists now as a screenplay, and am sure that it needs a critical eye.

I have also tried to find groups locally that meet to critique and support each others work, but have been unsuccessful to date.


Rick DeMille

Title: Queer Eye For The Dead Guy
A Female FBI Agent, Dawn Johnson, must stop a serial killer who is out for revenge on the world of Reality TV.

Hello Rick:

I am sorry for being late with this, but I only got out of the hospital last night.

I do offer critique services on my website at http://webspawner.com/users/rand49/index.html. (You will have to cut and paste as this site does not support hyperlinks). There you can also read some samples of my work. I have been called "the best" when it comes to demonstrating how the reader's attention can be caught and held, and in my editing/revising, I strive for a smooth flow, with plenty of reason to turn the next page.

Please go there and check out my prices. As a sample, I could do a couple of pages for you.

I hope this helps. If it does, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my high score over 570+ questions.

And good luck with your writing!

PS: That's a grrrrreat title!

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I can answer questions about the elements of fiction and non-fiction writing: how to get started, writing techniques, re-writing, etc. I will NOT write for you, do critiques except from my website at http://pygmypress.com, or give you ideas. I will not answer home-or-schoolwork questions in any category. If English is your second language, please say so, and I will make an exception. Please submit no more than one or two questions at once, as I tend to go into detail in my answers.


I wrote my first book in 1957 and have been writing and studying writing since. I have a BA in Written Communications, and have taught writing both privately and through adult education for 15 years. Have also edited (fiction books) for an online publisher and edited/wrote more than 100 articles for a teen sex education site. Currently writing web content and mentoring beginning writers.

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