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How do I get good copy out every day?

I'm writing my first non-fiction book, and have a publisher.

For 30 years I worked as a technical writer, with co-workers, manager, project deadlines... Suddenly I'm without any of that support. How do I become prolific while working at home?  

1.  You know better than anyone what times of day or night produce your best product.  Set those hours aside for writing.

2.  Make the writing periods mandatory, even if you use them for nothing more than research via the Internet or otherwise.  I'd also suggest, although this may be counterintuitive, that you make non-writing periods mandatory in order to always approach your work "bright- eyed and bush-tailed, as it were.

3.  While this approach may not be helpful to you, I've always made it a habit to devote a good deal of thought to the work at hand outside my normal writing hours (in my case, 6 - 10 a.m.)  I find that ideas tend to mature over time, and that those you can't execute well today may fall into place tomorrow.

4.  If it doesn't do damage to your process (these are really individual creations) I'd suggest always having an outline close at hand.  Frequent reference to a detailed outline can produce new insights that can be helpful.

5.  Consider taking those segments of content information(perhaps a chapter, perhaps not)  you've accumulated.  I find it helpful to write in any segment length (short passsage to full chapter) as long as I have a specific section of the outline in mind.

The latter process is at times wasteful in that I'll ultimately discard portions of completed work -- or simply file them for future reference.  But it's also highly productive in that it permits me (given an outline) to write any part of the first draft that appeals to me at the moment.  This, I find, helps prevents so-called "writers block."

Good luck.

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