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I read alot about doling out information, like backstory, character history, etc, throughout the story, instead of in "info dumps." My question is how do you dole out the information a little at a time? How do you know if you are "info dumping?"

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Generally speaking, you present information at the time the reader needs to know it.  It doesn't make any sense to tell the reader about the protagonist's first girlfriend on page two if she doesn't make an appearance until page 100, for example.  So wait until the information is of use to the reader before giving it to them.  Otherwise, they may forget, too.

Info dumping is easily spotted.  If the presentation of information causes the story to slow down, then it's a "dump."  If you do need to present more than a sentence or so of information, you need to pick a spot where it'll do the least damage, pace-wise, to your story.  Between scenes, in the form of exposition, is probably a safe bed.  But again... try to avoid such dumping whenever possible.  

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