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The content of my book will be controversial, provocative, sensitive and explicit. My story is a true account of how an upperclassman at a prestigious Atlanta college planned and executed a string of multiple rapes in 1962. Drug rape is nothing new! However, the perpetrator is protected by the Statute of Limitations.

My questions:
Can I use "real" names of the perpetrator and the witnesses involved without being libel?

And, at the same time, can I use a "penn" name when I write it?

Also ... and this is my biggest hurdle .... how in the heck do I stretch 5000 words into enough words to make it a sellable book?

At the start, this was to be published only for family and friends.  Since then, I've been told that it's too good to hide.

There's no doubt in my mind that this book will fly, but I need shortcuts!  Who's looking for this type material?

Geeze, I need help! Some of the witnesses are dead and I don't feel to good myself!

Thanks for your time!

As for copyrights, you need to seek the assistance of an attorney in your state. Copyrights differ from state to state and change regularly and publishing companies are not responsible for keeping up with each state's laws.

Yes, you can write with under a penn, a lot of people do.

If you want to shorten your book for whatever reason, then you will need the expertise of a good editor.

I don't know what other publisher's want with regard to material. You'll have to contact them individually and find out. Most have websites. You'll have to do some homework.


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