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Hi, I'm an beginning, unpublished writer with my eyes on the fantasy genre. I have a general question and a specific question about fantasy.
I'm worried about potential cliches - removing them, toning them down, smoothing them out, or making them more acceptable as my story requires.
My question is, are ideas that have been seen before (dragons, objects of huge power, spunky princesses, evil curses, ruined castles etc) more or less likely to bore the reader when they are potential cliches of plot, potential cliches of character, or potential cliches of setting etc?
My second question is this: are flying horses (I saw you wince!) a cliche if they actually have a place in my world's economy and culture?


Certain things in fantasy literature are considered pretty much standards.  And everything you've mentioned would fall into that category.  There's nothing inherently cliche about them.

They become cliche when you don't do anything original with them.  If your treatment of them doesn't raise an eyebrow on your readers' faces... if everything they do is expected behavior in the minds of your readers... then they're cliche.  But if you twist things around, you can avoid all that.

Look at what Anne Rice did for vampire fiction.  She breathed new life into a genre that was riddled with cliche.  Because she treated the vampires like real people, rather than semi-mystical creatures or animals.

So throw in all the pegasi that you like.  I'll only wince if you give me reason to.  :)

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