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I've been writing a fantasy novel for the last 6 years. When I started me and my collaborator were fairly young and a lot was writing for entertainment value. We were 14.

Since then I've have grown up and my taste are more refined and instead of a silly little fantasy novel for 12 year old's it's become much more of a serious epic.

Here the question. I'm not really a writer anymore. I work full time, I have so many things to do and the inspiration to do the physical writing hasn't been there for years.

The story has become so big and so grand. I know it'd be very successful. How do you put on paper, things that are so eloquent in your head? Should I consider a ghostwriter?

And how do I shift from writing the details of the story to actually writing the story?

Hello Ashley,

I have been a ghostwriter for many writers who pitch ideas but can't put the ideas to words. Actually sitting down and spending time at the computer is something that needs discipline, time and freedom for thought. And if you don't have the time to dedicate to a novel, then yes you could consider a ghostwriter.  Remember, you will still need to set time aside to work with this ghostwriter and from the extent of what's involved, and the extent of the work the ghostwriter will be facing, I believe you'd be better off co-authoring the novel instead, giving equal credit to both. A huge fantasy series takes a lot of time. I have written two trilogies and enjoyed them immensely.

Just from the content of your question, I would like to believe that you still have the desire to write, just frustrated with the possibility of starting over? But if your idea is a good one, it may be well worth the journey. Take it a bit at a time. You could split it up by you providing outlines and allow the other writer to write the story using the outlines. This may save you some aggravation.

Details flow well once you have a clear definition of the plot. I use cue cards to provide a cluster that outlines my plot from beginning to end... you could try that.

Take heart, some of the greatest story tellers in our time have taken years to perfect that one idea and to get it published.

I hope this helps.


J.L. Slipak

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