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Ms. Richards:

I'm confused (I think) about copyright and how it may impact a book I'm writing.

I'm more than prepared to cite and footnote other authors whose works I find valuable as part of the topics I'm writing about - and indeed I very much want to cite them.

What I don't know is whether I also have to secure their permission before citing/footnoting their works, and, if I do, how I go about securing such permission.

Are there standard forms that are used for that purpose?

I realize you're busy but any aid or guidance you could give me on this matter would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Steve Erie


I'm going to point you toward some resources---not being a lawyer, I don't want to give legal advice. I often refer to a book I keep on my desk: Permission & Libel Handbook: A Step-by-step Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers by Lloyd Jassin, I've used a lot, but haven't looked up that exact question. There are several other books (just search for that one on Amazon, and they will pop up as alternte selections.

If you end up needing forms to request permissions, we have those at www.authorsmart.com as what we call an author template/planner. Not trying to sell you stuff---it just so happens that we launched these products this week... so I know where to find permissions forms! :)

This is a sticky area. Suggest you research it on your own via books and internet---then, consult a copyright lawyer---it will be worth the investment--especially if you go prepared with info and specific questions.

I hope that helps even a little! Please keep me posted on your progress.

Write on,

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