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Hello Vincent,
I have a degree in Marketing and probably have no business writing a book.  I am constantly reading fiction novels.  I thought to myself I could do this!  I have started writing a book about my life.  Basically how my husband and I met and fell in love.  I have changed the names of people including my husband and I.  I let my husband read it and he said that he didn't think me writing in 1st person and in 3rd person is the correct way to write.  I am narrating the story and then I am writing in 3rd person when it comes to conversations.  Is this okay?

I have attempted to make my opening paragraph a catchy one because that is how I decide if I am going to begin to read a book.  Is this okay?

Lastly, since this is a book about my life, can I have landmarks, names of businesses, etc?

For shame, Diane!  One's degree has no bearing whatsoever on whether one should or should not have "business writing a book."  I, myself, have a degree in English.  DESPITE THAT, I think I can write a book.

As for the 1st/3rd person... I'm gonna side with the hubby.  Remember that the "voice" of a story (no matter which "person" it's told in) is, effectively, a character, too.  So if you're switching between 1st & 3rd, your reader is going to think either that you have two narrators or just one that's schizo.  Pick one and stay with it.

Certainly, the opening must hook the reader.  While the average reader will give a book several pages, if not a few chapters, before deciding the book is crap, an agent or publisher will not be so generous.  If you're really lucky, they'll give you a full page.  More likely, a paragraph or two.  Often, a few sentences.  

Landmarks are no problem.  Neither are businesses, so long as you're not disparaging them.  Saying you worked at IBM, for example, is perfectly fine.  Saying you worked at IBM and hated the damned place is also fine.  Saying you worked at IBM and they're a bunch of lying sacks of crap who ripped you off of your final paycheck... that's not fine.  Rule of thumb: write whatever you want, but if it's something that will obviously piss off someone or some company... you might wanna rephrase.

Hope this helps.  And best of luck!

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