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I want to write a book for the first time .      A book on Women ,something like "My grandmother-my mother -and ME ,examining changing attitudes ,on work /economy /sex /relationships,for the last 100 years
         Iam afraid that it is an issue that you need a PHD in Sociology .How can i deal with that ? Iam considering to buy  books on this issue from Amazon to see their patterns.....What kind of resources should i use........
         Any advice from your prespective would be so valuable ....thank you  

Dear Anna,
Thank you for your questions. A book on changing attitudes over 100 years sounds like a good idea. Usually, a book comes to the writer in the form of a seed, or a flash. You see the whole book in your mind at once. Even though you can conceive the book in one second, it may take years to unravel and write the thing. Some people think the inspiration comes from God, or the Universe, or from your own subconscious mind. It is a form of divine inspiration and so it's best to accept the assignment and try to fulfill it. Now, how to fulfill such a big order when you don't have a Ph.D. in sociology, or when it just seems like so much work!
I know, i've been in the same situation. All authors go through a phase of feeling inadequate, but you have to start somewhere.
I suggest that you get a wire notebook and a pen and just start to write out your idea. Whatever is in your head, just write it all out. Don't worry about your style or your outline, or anything, but just write as though you are writing a letter to someone. Perhaps someone who will come generations from now in your family tree.
Your story might turn out to be a book that is published and read by  many people, or it may turn out to be a memoir that you publish yourself for your children (and their children). Either way, your writing is valuable. Worry about doing research and getting Ph.D.s later! Just write it.
Later on, once you have some pages written, please contact me again and we can talk more about where to go with it.
I hope this helps you get started.

P.S. My page for writers might give you some further resources. Please note it down again in case you want to contact me later, in case i'm no longer on AllExperts, or if it goes off the air, or something.

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