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I am trying to write in a first person view fiction where i am the main character. But as i write i notice i am using "I,He,She,(names of the characters),It,ect...." is this bad? If it is can you give me some pointers.

Thank you  

Hello, George!

I am sorry to have kept you waiting.  The rain in Los Angeles has kept me away from my office for two days.

Now, then; about your question -

"First person" simply means that the story is told from the protagonist's point of view rather than the author's point of view.  The protagonist can certainly see and interact and experience many he's and she's and they and them, else our protagonist would be living in a vacuum with no story to tell!  So, you have no problem thus far.

I hope this answers your question.

My best,
M.L. Youngbear Roth

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