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Hi my name is Sasha this is my first experience writing  any advice you can offer will be greatly do i revive a stalled project?  where do i get ideas?  what if friends and family discourage me?

Dear Sasha,
Thank you for your questions. At my site I have posted several articles you might find helpful:
There's an article on breaking writer's block to answer your question about a stalled project. To look for ideas, you need to be in touch with the pulse of society. Read newspapers, watch popular movies, and read best selling books. That will patch you into what's selling and what people are reading. Also, read classical books of the culture. If you're American, study American literature. That will show you what has come before. You would be amazed how great some old books are.
re. friends and family. They may worry that you will never make a lot of money if you go into writing as a full time career. They may even worry that you're wasting your time writing - even if you have a good job! Last night I met a woman who is a full time high school teacher. In her spare time she is writing a book, but she said her husband constantly criticizes her and puts her down for "wasting her time" on the book. So, sometimes there's nothing you can do about your family and friends. Just tell them it's a hobby and that you are looking at it realistically. In my case, I was "writing a book" for ten years. It sure changed their tune when I got it published. It didn't earn much money, but at least I can write in peace now. He he. Just ignore the critics.
After you look over the materials at my web site, feel free to write back if you want to discuss further.

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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