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Dear Max,
I studied literature at A levels and Journalism at College if I may use the American system.

I have always wanted to write a book written many starts to my best seller to call it but never finished bcoz I run short of plot/story line and words.
Lease help me achieve the best way to string good plots and words and creat realistic character and carry them throught the book.

If you widh I shall send you my pieces and plans.

I leave in Uganda one of three east african Countries heades by President Yoweri Museveni.I think this addition may be important to you.

My best regards,
Robert Maxwell O.

Hello, Maxwell!

Your questions are many and long.  You need a copy of my lecture series, THE POWER OF THE WORD. This will answer all of your questions.  Contact me through the email address on my web site: . Remind of who you are and request the lecture series - it's free!  I will send it to you via Microsoft Word email attachment.  Print it up and use it!

Do not send any attachments in your email to me.

My Best,
Youngbear Roth, Executiv Editor
The Success Trust Literary Family

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