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I have been asked to edit a compilation of jokes.  The 'author' has worked with the public for 30 years and this is a small sampling of the jokes given and received over those 30 years.  I would truly appreciate some advice on the formatting and editing phase of the book publishing.  I am no expert, but I believe I can whip this stream of jokes into shape.  Should I categorize the jokes?  Should there be an index of jokes grouped by category?  I know some people publish foul language and wonder how that 'sells' in the market.  Any assistance you can provide to help this person get his book compiled and published will be truly appreciated.

Kathy, Albany, NY

Thanks for asking.  My suggestion is that you go to the bookstore or library and check out books that look and feel like the one you want to format.  I have seen many types of jokebooks but I would probably stay away from to much detail with regard to indexing and such.  Find what you like and follow the format.  Good luck and let me know how you make out.  Best to the Albany Riverrats.

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