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Any idea where I can go to get a list of publishing companies? I trie Google, but I must not be using the right combination of words. Tom-------------------------
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How much should I expect to pay for interior layout and can I do it myself? I'm going to  self publish a 220 plus page book in hardcover. I'm shooting for March. I need to name my publishing company. Is there a list of Publishing companies that already exist? (I would like to get a printing quote from King.)Thank you for your time.  Tom
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You can do the interior layout yourself in MS Publisher or even MS word check out Dan Poynters website at www.parapublishing.com he has great stuff and get his book it is the best guide.  Costs from outside run in the 3.50 per page to 11.00 per page.  If you send me the trim size we can put a few foundation quotes together for you.  Thanks and great question.

There are alot of different publishers depending upon the book type and subject.  Legal text go to legal publishers, fiction and biography may go to a general publisher, etc.  I would suggest that you explore Bowker at www.bowker.com, and Publishers Marketing Association PMA and Writers Digest for a few good places to look.  Let me know how you make out.

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