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Hi Gail, I have almost finished a book on Bible prophecy as I see it.I am to the point of trying to get it published without getting ripped off by some bogus "helper".What I am hearing is that I should use a literary agent.Can you help me find one I can trust? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks,  Jim


While I can't help you find an agent directly, I can give you some information that I think will help...

As far as agents: If your goal is to be picked up by a publisher, then an agent ( with a Christian market focus) could be a huge help simply because they have the connections and knowledge of the market.

I'm not sure what you mean by "helpers",there are many legitimate book professionals out there who provide valuable assistance with everything from coaching, to editing, indexing, covers, marketing etc. I guess I'd need more info from you regarding what you mean by helper to really address this part of your question.

Have you considered self-publishing? This is an extremely viable option for non-fiction authors today---one which most of the authors I work with choose over traditional publishing. The industry has changed dramatically in the last few years. Suggest you to to and look at the Free Indo Download link on that topic.  I think it's important for your to understand what your role will be in self vs traditional publishing and what rights you get to keep and must forfeit in either case. I find that most people have a misconception about traditional publishing.

Many authors actually self-publishing initially, establishing themselves and their material, and are then picked up by publishers.

Right now I think it would be tremendously beneficial for you to focus your efforts on doing some research to see what's already out there and which Christian publishing houses are and are not publishing similar materials.

Then, contact those publishers with a book proposal. You can find some templates at left margin, there's a Free Info Download with lots of info, and, some actual templates with different levels of interaction, under the Author's Mart heading. (I'm not trying to selling you anything, I just know this is the type of info you need).

I hope some of that helps!

Best of luck,

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